Since 1979 when “You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down” first hit the stage the story has warmed the hearts of thousands! The play is about a young woman who grows up in the rough part of the city and encounters multiple hardships. This includes being raised by a poor single parent, molestation as a child and raped as a teenager. Over the years she builds a successful business but to her surprise finds out that her own teenage daughter is being victimized by a sex trafficking ring. The play presents the mother’s struggles, challenges and how she uses her faith and friendships to help to overcome her adversities. There are melodramatic highs and lows and the main character remains strong.

The writer, director and producer is Dr. Rodney Pearson who was raised in the city of Compton, California. Dr. Pearson has earned a BS degree from Grand Canyon University, a Master’s degree in professional counseling with Grand Canyon University and received an honorary Doctorate of Theology .

Dr. Rodney Pearson, has retired as the pastor the Love on Fire Church in Goodyear, Arizona where he served since 2004. He has written 12 books on building healthy relationships and teaches on the subject of unconditional love frequently in churches, seminars and conferences across the country. His own experience with divorce and the loss of all four of his kids makes his writing authentic and from his heart.

Dr. Pearson has worked in the field of behavioral and mental health for the over 20 years as a supervisor, mental health counselor and behavioral health technician (BHT), a licensed therapist and a certified life coach . He is happily married to his best friend, Trenna Pearson. Ultimately he wants to spend his life helping people to live the life they were created to live through  the ministry of books, the arts and speaking.